About Dakota

Dakota Goyo is a very talented young actor! His most notable role was Max in the hit movie “Real Steel.” Don’t let yourself be fooled by his young age, he has quite the resume under his belt, and I’m sure it’s going to keep growing, both as an actor and someday as a Director.

Dakota Avery Goyo was born on August 22, 1999, making him 12 years old. Dakota continues to live in his home town of Toronto, Canada, but spends a lot of time in Los Angels, California. Dakota has two siblings, Devon and Dallas. His parents are David and Debra. He also has two dogs, Chloe and Abby.

Aside from acting Dakota enjoys playing chess and golf.Β Dakota also enjoys outdoor sports such as bike-riding, soccer, skiing, golfing, horseback riding, martial arts, swimming and skating.

Dakota is not only a great actor he loves doing it,

“The hardest part of acting is not when I’m acting, It’s when I’m not.”

-Dakota Goyo

“He’s not only a great actor but he’s got something kind of magical about him.”

-Hugh Jackman


200 comments on “About Dakota

  1. Dakota goyo

    I did not Know you do martial arts you did real steel before you head down front to the ring
    you and the robat do the jab Never do boxing before your self shadow boxing with robat
    thats good sports right there

  2. I think you’re really talented and succesful. If I was your friend, I wouldn’t just be your friend because you’re famous, I would be your friend becaus eyou seem nice and succesful. Also because you seem like you have a really well personality. Please reply back, thanks Dakota!

  3. he’s a great actor and all but he’s not that different from us it’s not like he’s a god
    and srry to say he’s probz way to busy to read this but if he could he’d probably be touched

  4. Ok I really love lithe movie real steel and I thought u were a really actor and all Dakota but I’m not like everyone else (no evense to those people) I am not goin to follow u around and pretend that you are my idol cause ur jut like every other guy and that Isn. Meant to be a compliment

  5. y0u want $100 dollars seriusly ? but truly you have 3 crush ! you know I’m your biggest fan πŸ˜€

  6. Ok so go to ur Twitter rite now and say hey watz up and if it says that on ur Twitter I will believe u

  7. Ok fine still don’t belive u but ……
    Do u have a dog but if u do Wat kind and Wat r their names?
    U have to answer these questions and ill belive itz u
    Wat character r u in ur New movie????

  8. Hy do you let them run it? I mean how do you go through with your fan thinking their tweeting u and being so happy when it s not actually you why don t you run it ? Just out of curiosity not trying I be mean

    • if hes the real dakota what you will do ? and if you dont like him dont comment anything that make him sad 😦

  9. I don t hate him
    He s a great actor and everything it’s jut that 1. From his twitter account he sounded really vain ( but know he said its his mom who comments on it and I guess she just really cares about him and his career) 2. I was just kind I pissed off at the ” popular” guys in our school who were bein asses so I kinda took it out in Dakota (which I know Isn t fair) but I figured you might just be like them. Guess I was wrong so yeah finally it’s th weekend and I m free for two days!!!! And I m re

    • (Sorry typing this on iPod) anyways on really sorry Dakota and honestly I made my mombye real steel no matter what and it was the best movie ur in my top ten fab movie stars just to let u know And no I’m not just saying this cause I feel bad I am being completely honest

      • I’m sorry i have many mistakes its(I’m sorry for my comments that make you hurt πŸ™‚ )

  10. Please Beware of any one claiming to be Dakota. Chances are they are not the real person, especially Judging by some of the comments posted here. Please remember to never give any personal information out, Admin will remove it for your safety! Thanks!

  11. are you sure ? who are you are you sure that you are the real dakota goyo your sounds not like dakota goyo.lol !

  12. Ok just saying I’m presuming that not many guys look up Dakota goyo so they probably don t post on here so I have to ask why do guys bug you I mean I know a lot of people say it s cause they like and I could see that as he does stare ate a lot but to m that just doesn’t tmake sense so why do guys make It so complicated???!

  13. hey pls follow me on twitter and you can see my photos there and i wish your movie is always good god bleSs you but im sorry im not you biggest fan because i have my idol and that is taylor swift sorry ahh πŸ™‚

  14. ahh ok so i follow you on twitter but can we be a friend and im jekota’s cousin is she your friend god bless you

  15. and you can see me on facebook i have many pictures and dont look all ok i have many secret on there

  16. dakota,
    when im far,im still with you .when my eyes are close.i still see you.when im a wake,im still dreaming of you .when i feel i have everything,i still want you .

  17. you know what you think im a interviewgirl because i’ll always asking for you so im sorry,can you forget me pls . everynight i’ll always say to god that he wanted to give me a perfect boy can you help to find someone for me

  18. you know dakota i want to be a singer with my cousin tayleen can you us a tips how to be a celebrity?cause its are dreams ,can you help us plz.:) i beg you

  19. A question dakota, haras the actual movie 2 the 2 part of real steel I would love to see jiiiijj

  20. when i saw the moviii after a hour or two i was recallin the characters. and when the name dakota came 2 my mind i was jstt blank…………….i think ur acting really attracted us(includin my frndss). but yeah for sure ther was somethin vry charmin or u can say magical hidden in u. just all the best fr ur upcomin movies cozz its a long way 2 the top if u wanna rock nd roll πŸ˜€

  21. I think Dakota is a great actor!! He deserves the Emmy. He is going to be a amazing actor in a near future and a director too!! Nothing is imposible, he could win an Oscar!! His skills are going to take him to the top in a few years. He could become in my favorite actor and mark a new era of acting. Lets support him everyday and don’t let him end his dream!!
    PS: You have all my support, always. I love you!

  22. I loved Dakota goyo in real steel and I hope that the rumor about the sequel is true because I have already watched it12 times πŸ™‚
    Other then that I’m freakin out for finals which starts tommorow with social studies
    I feel like my brain is about the explode the war of 1812
    Help! :\

  23. hi Dakota ok i’m 11 and i begged my dad to take me to see real steel! Ok that movie was really good! πŸ˜€ and also i’m going into 7th grade i hope that year is fun :/ any ways umm, you were in R.L Stines the Haunting Hour ok i love those shows and i was like wait hes on one of the episodes? your a really good actor and i’m not saying this just beacuse your famous i’m saying this beacuse it’s your natural talent and yea you made it far πŸ™‚ and i live in California πŸ™‚ any ways bye! πŸ˜€

  24. I just finished grade 7 an it was so fun….minus the finals. I bought real steel on paper view and wheny dad set up r new blue ray it deleted All of r pvr shows so I am really pissed cause I waited so long for my mom to let me get the movie :\
    K I am kinda surprised that Dakota is in grade six cause i m younger then him…..(only by 5 days though) I guess it’s cause he probably misses a lot with his acting job even if he does study on set.

    • really ur just finished grade 7 oh congrats hope ur school this would be fun im in grade 6 so your younger than me:)

  25. Yeah grade 7 is a lot of fun buy now everyone’s changing schools even one of my friends is moving schools….I really wish he won t move schools h says he might not

  26. im very happy cuz im in grade six now and i have a new friends oh! im so sorry im feeling FC do you know what is the meaning of FC?


  28. i also like horses and riding like you Dakota you see .
    But i am riding english stile and sometimes i ride western, and i like show jumping that my favorite
    thing in riding.The horse i ride on hes name is Hertug.
    And i am a hugh hugh hugh fane off you .
    I think i have watched Real Stell 14 times its a great movie

    • I love you Dakota.
      Wich horse do you ride on like and iceland horse or a trail horse

  29. hi dakota just a question why are you not answering us these days
    anyway just to ask would you date a girl like 1 year younger than you?

    • i agree that much
      if they love each other no matter what happen no one can break them
      so AGE doesnt matter

  30. Hey, What would you do if today was the last day of your life?
    Would you date a fan?
    What’s your favorite animal?
    What’s your favorite food, and why?

    You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to I just thought it would be cool to ask because your like my twin:3

  31. Ok honestly stop acting like a jealous female dog (didn’t want to actually swear cause idk the age of everyone on this site) ur probably just scared Dakota will answer her instead of u! She just wants to get to know one of her favorite actors let her fangirl for a moment and I am positive a lot of people care about her!!!!!!! Of him……
    Either way this website is to be a fan o Dakota’s and get to know hi not to put be people down because u are so insecure get a life and stop ruining other peoples days
    I’m sorry for being so mean but I have had enough of people like u!!!!!
    Just please try to respect people!!!!!!
    And again sorry for being so rude

    • and then..
      i’m not jealous and seriously i’m not a dog πŸ˜›
      stop comparing me from an animaL!
      you think you have shown a good respect?!
      you too…you don’t have a respect to the other peopLe
      i’m so sorry for saying that too but i’m not a dog and i;m not jeaLous…
      i just want to comment…
      and don’t you ever says anything bad word in me caus’ i’m just
      a person… no body’s perfect!

      • U guys need a guy to comment on that conversation. I wanna see what he would say. πŸ™‚ No disrespect, just speaking my mind, and I’m curious πŸ˜‰ ; D

  32. hey!
    she’s just trying to teach you how to respect peopLe!!..
    not a fight!
    you know she’s right you don’t know how to respect people!!! πŸ˜›

  33. You hurting other people is everyone’s business and it isn’t a fight if she not fighting back and I have made myself part of this fight!!!!!!!! I really am getting annoyed with you this is not a website where it is ok to hurt other people it is a website to mind your own business and show Dakota that he is a good actor and that he has a ton of fans
    That is all she was doing now if u aren’t going to show respect to Dakota u have no business on this website!!!!
    Oh and thanks jekota πŸ˜€

    • your welcome i just want to help cuz i know that “dakota lover one in only” is want dakota to reply her.. for you dakota lover one in only i appologize for what do i said last time..

  34. Ok I want comparing into a dog I just didn’t want to swear BEAUSE idk how old any of u are and idk if it got deleted or u missed it but I apologized for coming off as rude and I am sorry if I showed disrespect but I hate it when other people are shown disrespect as well . So again sorry.

    • it’s ok i realize that i’m wrong and to jekota if i hurt you mistakely i realy says sorry
      so sorry guys i will not do it again i learn new lesson so thanks guys

  35. Sure! Id love to be friends! Let’s just first all this ever happened!!!!!!
    So my badly is on the 27 and we bought real steal on the pvr and it got deleted so I hope I get for my birthday! Maybe I already got money from my aunt an my parents and some Jewelry from oldest sister!!!!
    Ok now idk what to say…… Awkward……

    • ohhh…!!! tomorrow advance happy birthday were so happy…
      sorry we don’t have a gift for you.. 😦

    • ohhh.. actually i’m bored too!!!
      i don’t know what i’m going to do..
      i’m just playing computer but i still bored! 😦

  36. Dakota goyo is in my faveorite movie reel steel and is my idol I would love to meet him some day! I watched interviews of him I watched thounds of things I LOVE u Dakota Avery Goyo!

    Ps. What do u like in a girl

    -Lacy ❀

  37. The comments on this page make me giggle πŸ™‚ My friend told me to look this up and almost all the comments are about how they think he’s hot.
    1. Who is Hugh Jackson?
    2. Does Dakota even know this page exists? I mean, I’m sure he does, but it makes me wander…?
    3. Woah…there is a huge argument about his grade on here…he should be in 8th grade. If u do the math correctly πŸ™‚


  38. Hey Dakota this is another girl that wants to meet you but I think I am the perfect girl you are looking for and I know you get that a lot but I don’t lie. I am a very sincere girl.

  39. When I’m older I want to be a producer. U are year older than me.and I think that we can do a movie together since u want to be a director and I want to be a producer. I’ve already started to writenanscary movie and hope to finish it soon. Plz reply. :3

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